I traveled extensively as a child, living in many different areas of the country, and overseas.  This exposure to different cultures and regions instilled in me a love for the natural beauty around me.  One only needs to look closely.  In fact, being an artist really means being a keen observer.  To look at something and see past the superficial, to delve deeply into its structure and colors, to take what I see and turn it into something beautiful, that is my greatest joy.

 My family and teachers encouraged me to become an artist.  I attended the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida and graduated in 1975 with a degree in Commercial Art/Illustration. Over the years I have continued to create, always seeking to express the beauty of nature through my brush.

 My family and I moved to Alaska in 1993 for what we thought was a two year hitch.  We traveled up the Alaska Highway hauling our 1964 Airstream, and eventually settled in Palmer, Alaska.  The beauty and grandeur of this place is almost overwhelming.  We are blessed to live here, and I have spent my time here trying to capture a small part of the beauty of this place.  My current work revolves around creating art from the diverse regions of our state.  From the Orcas of Southeast Alaska, to the tide pools of Seldovia, to the bull moose in my backyard, I find an inexhaustible supply of inspiration.  So many paintings, so little time to do them all.


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