Internal Balance Matters


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Yep! That’s right! It can be the difference between life and the alternative:) of course, we’re all going to kick the bucket eventually; but, I want to live healthy with energy and vitality while I live. So, here’s the thing- Prevention, as in preventive self care and mindfulness; keeping an eye out on your internal environment by checking your pH levels to see if you’re too acidic or alkaline. Being too acidic  causes degenerative disease- usually without symptoms until it’s too late and structural damage has set in; being too alkaline causes inflammation, swelling, pain and distention; in the long term either of the two will cause havoc and diseased states. Having a neutral pH is a sure remedy for fighting off disease causing bacteria/viruses, fungi and parasites. ‘Something to think about, right?’ 
A way to depolarize-polarized conditions in your body, which; is when bacteria and viruses team up to break down the tissues and organs in your body that causes diseases and cancer, is with biomagnetic pair therapy.  Another way is to have a very strict diet and constant monitoring to make sure your levels are balanced so your resistance is strong and able to fight off diseases.
Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is offered at Noric Wellness Center; to schedule an appointment, click on schedule now on the website. Information you can use:) Be Well.


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Glowing Skin


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
I have a new beauty regimen that is literally transforming my complexion. This stuff feels so wonderful going on that I want to keep applying it-though, I don’t need to- It’s so smooth, creamy and smells so good; it’s like eating a food that tastes so good, you don’t want to stop eating it.  My skin is totally moisturized and dewy without a greasy feel; it’s more even toned and glowing. THE PRODUCT is formulated and sold by ‘rooted & true’ it’s all natural without harmful ingredients; it’s beneficial for hair, face and body- there are many natural scents to choose from- I chose the ‘sweet orange’ I can’t say enough about this product? You have to experience it for yourself.  If you have dry cracking skin, this is the product for you, to become Beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!
NOTE: I don’t know the young lady who owns this business; I purchased it at the Liberty Station’s vintage outdoor market as I wanted to try it and support her business; I have nothing to gain, just sharing a wonderful product.


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Events at Noric Wellness Center


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Sign up for events on the website.


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No Pain No gain


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We’ve all heard the saying “no pain, no gain” it’s true in many aspects of life; I was reminded of this in the wee hours of the night when my leg took a wrong turn that caused a horrendous cramp in my calf; my treatment was to apply deep continuous pressure, which hurt even more; 30 seconds later the the pain subsided. Then I massaged my calf with my Leg Cramp Formula to help with the lingering ache you get after the initial cramp. I went from pain to gain and a restful nights sleep. Remember! Deep pressure with your thumb and my leg cramp formula (special order). if you’re prone to leg cramps, it’s helpful to massage it on your legs before bed.


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Get Centered


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
Get centered at Noric Wellness Center; physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively and spiritually. We’ve got you covered!


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