Dream Catcher


Are you a dreamer? My dream catcher will catch your dreams:)


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A Special Tree- Junk Journal


Junk Journal Love- journals available.


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Beautiful stones


These are my newest stones added to my collection. Aren’t they beautiful? My favorite is the Dalmatian stone.


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NEW! T-shirts available


The t-shirts are adorned with prints of collages by Norma Brinker, Fine Art & Craft. Available in the boutique at Noric Wellness Center. Wear your favorite affirmation. Commissions accepted.


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Creative Design


This design was created with watercolor flower paintings and other paintings being cut into flowers; the heart is a printed conglomerate of flowers cut into a heart. Designed with Print  Artist program; which I love; even though my version is out dated- can’t live without it! This design will go on the back of T-shirts.


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