Take Time for Tea


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
This  little tea pyramid bag with a leaf sprouting up, by ‘Tea Forte’ is so adorable! It was a gift a few years ago and I’m just now getting around to enjoying it; I had no idea the presentation was so cute; makes my tea ritual extra special; I might have to order some for myself and my clients to enjoy.  The tea is really good- Green Mango Peach; a real treat! Keeping life aesthetically pleasurable and simple. Have a good day.


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A Simple Plate of Food


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
Simple but mighty! The presentation alone speaks- aesthetically inviting, the food- colorful variety of wholesome goodness for the palette and body- Ezekiel sesame seed toast, spicy guacamole, hard boiled egg and cheddar cheese; yummy for my tummy and energy to get me going along with some detox tea and of course, the ceramic deco plate (World Market) made in a place I don’t want to mention; it’s teal with red roses and designs with a white elephant adorned with decorative throw and flowers. I like  starting  my day with this simple goodness.  Enjoy your day:)


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In Love with Textiles


Norma’s Spice of Life Blog
I love textiles, interior decorating and creative spaces designing; what’s more is that I can switch it up when ever I get the notion or if I need a different vibe or transformation.  The chair was once a yellow and white stripe fabric with a thin gray streak, years ago I  had it recovered in this teal vinyl,; it’s now paired with this made in India throw and art deco pillow, both purchased at World Market- one of my favorite go to places for decorative goods. I really like this arrangement, but who knows, tomorrow might be a different groove thang; yeah thang! Enjoying the simple things in life; Enjoy your day that the Lord has made❤️


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Still Life


Norma’s Variety of spice Blog
Hello out there!  I’m not really into still life painting, my thing is abstract painting from within; but I’ll give it a go and see how it turns out; I’ll share when it’s finish. I do love this little arrangement though; the velvety looking artificial rose paired with purple glass vases from World Market.  Have a happy simple day.


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Cheddar Cheese


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog - I know; it’s been a while since I posted a blog, right now I’m just relaxing after working. But, this right here! Is making me happy- I forgot how much I like cheddar cheese- my taste buds are loving it…the cheese with regular old saltine crackers and mixed olives and a glass of this Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc wine- Simple pleasures; well  that’s enough, I gotta get back to it! Happy Thanksgiving folks.


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