Colorful life = Healthy Benefits


The benefit of a colorful life style, such as enjoying nature, art, textiles; as well as colorful food, is beneficial to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  I’m having a beet, orange and pineapple; loaded with vitamins and minerals; (Google for more information) all beneficial to the body and mind; not to mention the  beautifully crafted bowl and colorful placemat by gifted crafters; A good start to a healthy day. Plain and simple; enjoying the simple things in life.


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Home made Apron


Most of my clothing is stained with paint. I decided to make an apron out of recycled materials rather than buy one; I used  left over canvas and ribbons, added a heat transferred logo. I love my apron, and what would I do without my sewing machine? Oh the joys of creating and enjoying the simple things in life.


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Art In The Yard


Art in the Yard- Saturday June 3, 2023 10am-2pm. La Mesa 91941. Huge selection, reasonably priced.


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Reaching For A Gentle Touch


Seeking an embrace; reaching for a gentle touch; the scent of your petals beckon my senses; let me touch you, smell you, embrace your lovely leaves. Come with me now! I can’t live without you. You are beautiful, breathtaking. I am out of breath; I can only reach for you. Take hold of my branch; draw me close to you.


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Dried Flowers


I love dried flowers. I’ve seen these types of flowers and thought they weren’t real; rather man made to look like they were dried out flowers. I picked these up at the La Mesa Farmers Market and was told they actually grow as dried flowers and they’re called straw flowers; I am amazed! They are beautiful, there’s a variety of colors, and are everlasting.  The straw flowers remind me of the gift of eternal life. I put them in a vase but the stems are starting to bend over, so, I will lay them flat until the stems are completely dried. (No water needed)  Beautiful, simple things of life:)


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