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Fire Cupping


Many people have not experienced TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the form of Fire cupping.  I often have to explain the difference between the glass bulbs and the plastic suction cups.   The effect is the same as far as treatment; though with the glass bulbs inserting fire inside the bulb expels the oxygen, which causes an automatic suction; negative pressure on the skin. The suction cups require a pump that sucks the tissues into the cup. I prefer the Fire cupping, however, with the plastic suction cups the pressure can be adjusted more readily. A very simple treatment for serious prevention of sickness and diseases. I’ll share some more benefits of cupping on my next blog. 


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Musically Inclined


I’ve always wished I was musically inclined, I enjoy music that pricks me in one way or another. Including music notes in my college pieces is the closest I come, but I enjoy that as well. These little art tags will be given out with the purchase of an art piece at Art In The Yard on 7/1; also ‘Mine’s Eye’ will be performing In The House. Art and Music, a winning combination. Simple pleasures of life. Enjoy your day❤️


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Don’t Miss This Event!


Art In The Yard and More.  Events for July 2023.


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The Mental Bar


The Mental Bar is a wonderful coffee shop in the Encanto neighborhood. We had the opportunity to visit for their  Jazz Night. The group ‘Black Elk Speaks’ were performing; I really like their style.  I ordered a Lavender Chai Latte, it was amazing! I’m looking forward to trying all of their beverages and I hear they just got their liquor license and will be serving beer and wine. I also tried their peanut butter chocolate chip cookie- scrumpdelicious! Go check them out, very pleasant place to enjoy simple pleasures of life.


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