Cupping session


Preparing for an Asian Fire Cupping session; and then Vibration Sound  Therapy.


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Pickled Beets


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
I used to buy pickle beets but decided to buy them raw and make my own; since they taste so good and very nutritious. First I boil them using filtered water and let them cool, peel them add them back to the beet juice, add balsamic vinegar and a little brown sugar, let simmer, pour beets and juice into container and refrigerate. Beet juice is very expensive, but you can make your own. Internet information regarding benefits, below.


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La Mesa Farmers Market


We are at the Farmers Market in La Mesa until 7pm. Paintings, Art cards and tags, journals, jewelry, t-shirts and more. Coupons for 40% off massages.


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Practical use Antiques


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
I found this gem at the Corner Store on La Mesa Blvd. I love antiques; reminds me of yesteryears when furniture and everything in general was crafted with superior materials, craftsmanship and character. I’m using this cabinet at my home office as a medicine cabinet; my medicine being essential oils, tuning forks, cupping jars and such. Being a provider of holistic services; these items are a must have for me and go nicely in my antique cabinet. Simply creative, aesthetic and practical. Yep, that’s me.


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Ayurvedic Energy


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
Early morning Ayurvedic Energy Tea by Trinity Teas and homemade banana nut biscuits before I start my busy work. I love this healthy tea and my cute little teapot; the perfect pair and the biscuits-Yum. Keeping life simple domestically.


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