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It’s been said that “your health is your wealth” I agree; if you don’t have your health, all the wealth in the world or that you may possess, is not going to do a bit of good if you can’t enjoy it due to poor health. Even the rich and famous kick the bucket. We all have that appointed due date; but why not live healthy while we live. A couple of things I do religiously is consume herbs and spices that are known to combat sickness and diseases caused by free radicals, bacteria, and poor lifestyles in general and the practice of qigong (gotta check the spelling on that) . Tumeric is an excellent remedy for combating inflammation; it has been a tried and true spice for helping me to maintain homeostasis; with that, spiralina for anti toxins and viral infections, multivitamins for supplementation, clove for its stimulating properties, antibacterial infections, antiseptic and antioxidants; and peppermint as a decongestant as well as having anti inflammatory properties.  And of course mushrooms, mainly Reishi for overall health and youthfulness. People don’t want unsolicited advice and I’m not giving it, just sharing how I maintain. Keeping it simple with tried and true remedies.


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Coming soon!


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
Coming soon!  Night Clinic Back Massage & Hang Out.  Hang out with your BYOB adult beverage while waiting for your 20 minute BACK THERAPY MASSAGE.  Lounge in the Hippy Fort or our  Lounge area with fire place. Bring your favorite adult beverage (BYOB) Total Relaxation before heading home for a good night’s sleep. Check back for day and time; once a month event. Bring a friend:)


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Nice and Cozy


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog-It’s been a while since I blogged; been very busy. This is a photo of my cozy little massage and sound therapy space. Keeping it simple with aesthetically pleasing and  practical work spaces.


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Vitamin Awareness


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I ordered a load of vitamins from a brand I won’t mention; it’s an allowance that’s included with my medical insurance.  I normally purchase vitamins that are organic or don’t contain  toxic and unnecessary ingredients; what’s the point in taking supplements that contain ingredients that can harm the body; makes no sense to me.  Even with vitamins, we have to read the labels to make sure we’re not ingesting toxins. The vitamins I received have all sorts of junk in them; well no thank you!! Be ware and be wise; keep life simple, we don’t need toxic ingredients/labels we can’t even read and have to research to find out exactly what we’re putting into our bodies.


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