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If you know me, you know I like rearranging my stuff:) I’ve turned this little built in curio shelf into my bar glasses and creative art created by various artists and my art space. It represents a combination of practical use items and aesthetics. It’s my thing; if it’s for practical use, it also has to be visually appealing- is this a sickness or what? Well, what ever! It’s my thing and I’m sticking with it. Can anyone relate? Have a beautiful day.


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I love this stuff


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
This afternoon I’m having Matcha Green Tea from ‘Den’s Tea’ and added sweet foam; it’s so aesthetically pleasing! and taste so good.  I love this stuff and it’s so good for me;  as well. Want to know the benefits, Google it:) Have a lovely, wellness Day.


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Oh yeah!


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking  about! Espresso Martini. Saturday Night Vibe. Enjoy your night.


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Ewe’ what’s that in your water bottle?


Norma’s Variety of Spice Blog
I know right? It doesn’t look to tasty; and it isn’t! But, it’s good for me! It doesn’t have to taste good; the stuff we consume that taste sooo good that we want to keep on eating or drinking, is not nutritious and does harm to our bodies; don’t get me wrong, I indulge every now and then, cause you have to have some enjoyment in life, right? But, for the most part, this is my routine. So, what’s in the bottle? Here it is: the water of course, then ground mushrooms, Turmeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper, ground maca root, chia seeds and clove tonic; with this I consume spirulina tablets, vitamin D3 and extra reishi. You can Google the benefits of all these ingredients if interested. It works for me and I believe helps my body to adapt to stresses of life and how it could potentially affect my health. Thanks for reading, Be Well! 


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