Focus, you say! How! How on earth?
 This great big earth, this ball of uncertain destiny.
Swirls of colorful, gleaming lights, illuminating my core.
 Jack hammers, sledges, pitchforks; stabbing, jabbing, piercing.
Watchful eyes, rendering no rest.  An eye for an eye lay waiting. 
Dogs eating dogs.  Mind boggling offenses, oppression, 
 loveless nations, deceitful occurrences.
The root of all evil, rejection, conflicting resolutions;
 Who can find me? I’m here, all alone, looking in every direction.
Lost in the sauce, too many bosses. 
 Do this; Do that; Go here; Go there; Pay attention! Leave me alone!!
I need to go find my way; then maybe I can focus.

Dancing a jig; holding onto my wig.
Hey, what a place; I can hide my face.
The lights are bright and need to be turned down low.
I want to get my groove on and take it real slow.
These shoes are cramping my style,
I’m a granny and this stuff is wild.
Letting my hair down just a little, you see!
Hanging out at a place where I can just be me.
I can’t stay long, I have to pickle my fig;
Just wanted to get out for a while
and go dancing a jig.

The Tree
The tree stands barren, awaiting a change in season.
The land is abandoned, without cause or reason.
Darkness looms amidst a deserted place;
All has disappeared without a trace.
Barren, not even a heron.
No sign of life, not even dejected strife.
Where are all the people?
Where is the voice calling in the wilderness?
Where has hope of the land vanished?
Emptiness abides, a desert land resides;
Waiting for a season, waiting for a reason;
A reason to return to a wasted land.
Rebuild a community, and construct a plan.
A plan of attack. 
Tear down the old shacks.
"Plant a garden", said she, and fertilize the tree.

Doggy In The Window
Doggy in the window, can you come out and play?
It's nice outside, or do you have to stay?
Are you at home alone, or is someone in there grown?
Have you seen Joan, my cat?
She's kind of orange, and sort of fat.
I like your castle, you must have such pride.  Can I come inside?
If someone comes, I’ll run and hide.
I Promise not to break anything or stay too long.
And I’d never do anything wrong.
I have a bone, we can play catch.
When I throw it, you run and fetch.
I have a cookie.  I'll share it with you.
Please come and play with me, I'm feeling kind of blue.
I need a friend right now and I think you do too.

In The Midnight Hour
In the midnight hour, I wait patiently for my date.
It’s late; she’s late; melted shake,  frozen lake.
Where can she be?  Did she forget about me? 
Ten o’clock has come and gone.
She’s taking much too long.   
I’ll put on some music and play a song.
  I’ll continue to wait for my beautiful flower
 way into the midnight hour.

Waiting Patiently
Waiting patiently, displaying our virtuous side.
We are waiting to be seated, while we confide.
Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long;
our breakfast has been hours gone.
Just got out of church you see,  and of course;
 we are very hungry.
 We won’t put up a fuss and
we definitely not going to cuss. 
But, we wish they’d hurry up,
 cause our stomachs are talking to us.
Hey Sista; How you doing to day?
 I’m doing good, just trying to get some grub;
and after I eat I’m gonna go jump in the tub. 
Just got finish working out and
I’m tired and hungry,  she shouts. 
What’s wrong with the service in this place?
Why ya’ll still waiting? 
Want me to cause a fuss? 
Oh, no! We’ll just wait patiently, we wont to be virtuous. 

Sleep Walkers
Sleeping, walking, slumbering, sometimes, talking.
You are a ghost in the night, casting shadows in the gleaming light.
Awake from your   sub-consciousness, delicate one;
Tune in to the reality of your world.
No! I'd rather sleep and maneuver in an   unknown state!
It's beautiful, peaceful and non-threatening.
Leave me alone! The dawn is quickly approaching.
Let me bask in the serenity of my peaceful and serene sleep,
until the breaking of a new day awakens my soul;
and, beckons my mind to the mundane existence
of meaningless charades.

Taking a detour and creeping by.
The shutters are closed; I must be quick as a fly.
Don’t want to go home, what a shame.
I’m a decent guy, but, sometimes mud is my name.
Had a fight last night and I know it’s my fault.
Can’t seem to get it right, she cried all night.
What can I do to make it alright?
Maybe I’ll pray and tell the Lord my plight.
Or go to confession and make things right.
I’ll take my girl with me.  We can do this thing together.
After all we’re birds of a feather, sticking together
in any kind of weather.
I have to keep my head on straight and avoid the lour;
then I won’t have to take a detour.

Hello, I live here. Do not judge a book  by it's cover. Waiting inside is my lover.  Patience, kindness, gentleness, awaits.  After more than 30 years, we still go on dates.  The tree outside does not grow money;  but inside, there is always lots of sugar and honey.  Come in and have a sit down.  Be surrounded by delights, never a frown!


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