I am a painter . I work as carpet designer since 1976 in three companies of carpet  in the Philippines.1973 to 76 Taiping Rugs and Carpets, 1977 to 80 Bell Carpets Inc, 1981 to 84 Bell Carpets International Trading Corp. I work as artist and work on full size pattern; Colored sketches  for presentation to the client. Measuring Jobsite making plans , template and design layout..In 1985 I work in Morocco at Primarios SA as design technician on the arts department. I supervise group  of moroccan worker in tracing the design on canvas, make coroled sketch on the computer using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Paint program.I specialized in making paintings and portrait on the carpet. I am now retired and working as freelance artist in another company in Morocco.


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 efren tevesCasablanca, Morocco0620 934258