Hand Sculpted Glass Ornament
Holiday Open Studio
Winter Holiday Open Studio! 
December 20-21
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Open Studio
Dive into the cool colors of water

Hand blown glass
Delve into shades of Ruby and Topaz

Hand blown glass
Be enchanted by Blues and Greens

Hand blown glass
Or be mesmerized by every color of the Rainbow!

Una Alla Volta
Handmade One at a Time

Hand blown glass
The color of hot
Art Glass

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-- Me, 5/23/18

A couple of years ago my husband and I made paperweights at your home studio. I would like to make another one containing a friends daughters ashes. Is that possible with you?
-- Kay Silva, 3/5/18

I enjoy going to their open house as each time I find a new beautiful color or piece to add to my collection. My husband enjoys their classes which gives you an appreciation of their amazing work.
-- Joann Delaney, 9/26/14

I purchased six beautiful bowls over the years from Girl Glass Studios while at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha WI. My family and I were very sad that GGS was no longer there but feel very fortunately to have acquired these truly spectacular works of art!! I will just have to plan a trip to Sacramento!
-- Rhonda R. Murff, 8/20/13

Their glass work is truly beautiful. I have dozens of their pieces around my house and property.
-- Poppy's Nursery, 7/10/13

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