Hand Blown Art Glass
Making art glass is what I love....I'm primarily self taught...and for the past 21 years......I show up almost every morning and make... I travel into my artists brain... and consider, think about.. or am inspired by someone or something... and then I pick up a blow pipe.... and start.... sometimes..... without a true plan... but perhaps a process as mold able as the medium I converse with... color laid out on my steel table... the furnace roaring and my tools and coffee... right were I need them...
Time falls away like no other place in my daily world... color speaks to me in a language not shared by others... the process is for me... the outcome... for you ...
"The world is as we dream it"


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Amazing work. Your world is as you dream it for sure. Bravo Shannon
-- Gilles Daigle, 12/4/13

When we create such beautiful and varied things as Shannon does, it seems to me that we are echoing the work of our father creator, who created first this beautiful world we live in. May your love and appreciation for the creation extend well to its creator.
-- Bethel, 11/24/12

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