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Beautiful pieces
-- Janeen Weber, 11/24/18

I LOVE your pieces! I want to learn.....
-- Peggy Megna, 4/20/18

Your work is beautiful!
-- Joanne Pierce, 2/19/18

Love you both and miss you like crazy.
-- Laurie Aguinaga, 12/15/17

I bought 2 pumpkins at the Morton Arboretum Pumpkin Patch yesterday. I have checked out your website and I love your work! I am glad you sell from your website, I will be back again. I did not realize how much of my pumpkin purchase at the arboretum was a donation! 
-- Kimberlee Clark, 10/15/17

Love my two pumpkins which I purchases at the Morton Arboretum
-- Sue Boudreau, 10/14/17

Hello, Several years ago I bought a few vases and a bunch of ornaments as gifts. I love your work and would like to know when your next classes will be offered. Thank you, Jackie
-- Jackie Cheyne, 7/29/17

My wife and I just finished our first class with Shannon and the crew and we cannot wait to schedule another! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for making this an awesome experience.
-- Nathaniel & Karen Joly, 6/28/15

My son in law gave us two of your Oranaments for Christmas and I wanted to tell you how much we love your work.....beautiful ! They hang in my kitchen window and will stay there all year.
-- Karla Clegg, 1/4/15

Look forward to seeing you and your work at Morton Arboretum this weekend!
-- Mark Beckmann, 10/14/14

It was so nice meeting you at Track 7 tonight. I'm sure we can talk about a lot of things that would interest the both of us. So nice to meet someone from the same neck of the woods with so much in common.
-- Leonard Damron, 8/27/14

Hi Shannon, Loved the Morton Pumpkin Patch and have many of your pumpkins decorating my Midwest fall home. Now it's time for Christmas and will bring out some of your ornaments. Would love to have Christmas pumpkins to compliment the ornaments. Just a thought.
-- Madeline Czervionke, 12/2/13

I'm a single mother of two who can't afford to treat myself to the more fun things in life. So I decided to start saving to get involved in glass blowing I think the time has come to start! I can't wait to learn and explore my creativity! Soooo excited!!!!
-- Sherry Oldenburg, 11/12/13

My husband and I went to the Morton Arboretum on Wednesday, Oct. 16 to scope out the pumpkins. It was our first time seeing your pumpkin patch. I can't begin to tell you how awed I was with the variety. Picked out the pumpkins I wanted then returned on Friday. I was so excited that I was able to get my choices (I was determined). I love blown glass and really love this genre. Thank you for putting on such a fine, fine patch. All the artists were wonderful. And, thank you for being so available to answer questions. We will definitely be there in 2014.
-- Carolyn Larson, 10/19/13

Shannon, YOUR WORK IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!! Are you items, specifically Ribbon Paperweights available for purchase long distance? I live in Michigan and your Paperweights bring wonderful childhood memories for me. We lived in Flint, Michigan by the Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Public Library, the Planetarium, Institute of Music, etc. So, you can see, we had access to such wonderful places. At the Flint Institute of Arts, they had such a BEAUTIFUL display of Paperweights for years that were in glass display cases about 4' X 8" X maybe 5" deep. The tables were raised about 4 feet from the floor for easy viewing. They must have had 1,000 or more Paperweights and they always mesmerized me. Your Paperweights bring that right back to me and I am very interested to know if I could purchase one.
-- Marsha Case, 10/11/13

I would love to purchase a collection of your glass pumpkins they are soo beautiful I love the curly tops soo much. Please email me back and let me know if i can purchase a few of them
-- Caroline Engelhardt, 10/6/13

I love your creations
-- Judy Gustafson, 8/9/13

I'm just enrolled into second Glass Pumpkin workshop at the Morton Arboretum in October! Looking forward to it!
-- Jen J, 7/31/13

Dear Shannon, I purchased one of your Monet inspired vases at the State Fair on Friday. I just want to say THANK YOU for creating such a beautiful piece. I had the opportunity to meet your Mom while waiting to pay for my purchases (I had to have one of Sandy's blue with a red base small vases too). Your Mom is quite a lovely lady. Let her know I will keep my promise to her to tell all my friends about your amazing artistry. Again, thank you.
-- Mary Bethstanton, 7/15/13

I saw the demo at the fair today and was blown away. Cant wait for clases to start.
-- Toni Swindell, 7/12/13

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