I have been involved with art for a long, long time. It seems I'm always
working on a project. Currently I'm working on a piano that plays in the wind.
Also I'm building a light show in my picture window that will use sunlight.

I also have made hand painted projector slides. I still have some of the best
of them from back in the day. I used to rent them out to night clubs and for
private parties. It helped me through some pretty hard times.

I recently made kalidescopic movies using broken glass of many colors,
floating in oil. I filmed it all through front surfaced mirrors that I made
myself from rear projection TV parts.i am remaking those with a better camera

I have a lot of images that i have been working on since 1989. I
estimate I have well over 20,000 hours involved over the years .

I have  3  movies that show a different image every 2 seconds,
,comming to u tube soon

My work can be printed out in
a number of ways ; Custom Aluminum Prints,

Printed on window film with

it can be printed on a rug

printed on a vinyl floor


ceramic tile

print on glass;

print on tent

print on wood    

it can also be printed on canvas,  almost any size

print on a car or truck

I'd like to do something good with it all, .

Thanks for lookin

MOVIES   MY ART SHOW      All the Best # 1   and more coming soon  to this site


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