Entry level Ikebana arrangement

The photo in this page shows one of examples of entry level flower arrangement that was actually designed and made during a lesson at California Flower Art Academy.
This kind of simple arrangement is recommended to beginner students who have never learned Ikebana.

Although it is simple, it can be displayed at various places and good for home and office decorations. The white color container is called "SUIBAN" that is quite shallow.
And in the center of SUIBAN, there is a "KENZAN" that is a frog (needlepoint holder) to hold flowers. Only because Ikebana arrangements often use Kenzan which must be placed in a flat bottom of container, floral artists need to use flat and shallow type container called SUIBAN.

Although this kind of arrangement is very beautiful and good for home and office decorations, Ikebana arrangements are not popular for doing floral business in the United States. We don't find fresh flowers arranged in Suiban using Kenzan are sold at floral shops or used for wedding/funeral decorations in America. In this sense learning European or American style flower arrangements is much more useful if you think about doing floral business in the States.

If you are interested in learning easy Ikebana arrangements as shown in this page, we recommend you to join following program/course offered by California Flower Art Academy:

For more information, feel free to contact info@california-academy.com


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