Establish your own lesson schedule

We are pleased to support busy people who cannot take lessons according to the class schedule offered by the school. If you are not sure if or not you can follow the lesson schedule established by the school, you may rest assured that we will get you perfect solution as mentioned below:

Since you are so busy with your job or private business and cannot attend classes continuously according to the lesson schedule established by us, you can make your own lesson schedule by picking up your favorite time from SCHOOL'S COMMON CLASS SCHEDULE and let us know so you can have your own class schedule.

From student to student, the situation surrounding them is different. Some students have no problem for following School's Class Schedule. However we can find many students who do not have clear idea about their job schedule or private business situation in the very near future. If you are in this kind of situation, you can establish your own lesson schedule.

Since our school limits number of students to no more than 4 per class (typical number of students is only 2-3 per class), each student can have his/her own lesson schedule. Namely individual student can enjoy semi private lesson because we offer SEMI PRIVATE LESSON by way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. This is one of the biggest advantages and merits our students can enjoy. 

According to the rule of most other schools, students cannot change a class schedule according to their private schedule. However our students can submit a request for schedule change. Also it is not always necessary to take lessons consecutively. For example, if you know beforehand that you cannot attend the lesson in the week after next, you can postpone such lesson by submitting a request for schedule change to the school.

Although this request must be submitted to the school 7 days prior to next scheduled lesson day, you can enjoy a very flexible lesson schedule as far as you follow this rule. If you are concerned about a lesson schedule or have any questions, please send email to


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