Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course

This course is designed so that students who have already completed Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course (or who have the same level of skills and experience) can earn a higher level of skills of Ikebana arrangements. The course consists of 12 designs of intermediate level of arrangements. Students can learn the next level of design and skill so that they can challenge advanced level of arrangement after completing this course. 

The lesson fee is $480. If a student has his/her own Kenzan and Suiban, he/she can use them during lessons. If they do not have such items, they should procure at a market (floral shop or flower market) OR we can buy them on their behalf. In case they buy from our school, it will cost $50 covering both items in addition to the lesson fee.

Students usually learn two designs a day spending about 2.5 hours (one session). Therefore in order to complete this course, students are usually required to come to the classroom 6 times. We offer classes of this course every week per THIS SCHEDULE at our San Jose classroom. After earning intermediate skills of Ikebana arrangement, they can enjoy designing, making and displaying their own arrangements not only for home decorations but also possibly for office decoration. For more information, please contact info@california-academy.com

REMARKS: Information described in this page including , but not limited to, a lesson fee and number of designs shall be subject to change. Therefore students are recommended to check with our school before or at time of enrollment.


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