Ikebana: Japanese profound floral art

As you know, Ikebana is a Japanese traditional floral arrangement that is very artistic and profound. In Japan, we can find two large categories in floral art. One is what is called Ikebana and the other one is ordinary flower arrangement which originated in Europe. Back in 1980's European floral arrangement was introduced to Japan. Before that Ikebana dominated the floral art industry in Japan.

After the world war II (which ended in 1945), Japan was heavily influenced by American and European cultures. While clothes, fashions and even languages were heavily affected by American and European cultures, floral art had been keeping its traditional style. During 1980's, European floral arrangement was introduced to Japan and many people started to learn it. Especially young generation jumped to this "brand new" floral art which looked quite fresh and different from Japanese Ikebana.

By the middle of 1980's, even the way of wedding ceremony and party was very heavily influenced by European and American style. Needless to say the floral decorations used in weddings also became European (or American) style. Many of young generation did not hesitate to have a wedding ceremony at Christian churches in spite most of them are a Buddhist. 

This means when it comes to doing floral business, European floral arrangements can be more widely accepted in various occasions such as a birthday party, wedding, office and domestic home decorations. Many of Japanese people became to celebrate Christmas despite they were again a Buddhist. Except for the way of funeral ceremony and its floral decorations, European and American floral arrangements became quite popular in Japanese market. 

Being such situation, it now makes to learn European floral arrangements not only in the United States but also in Japan. If you are interested in learning floral decorations for business purpose, it MAY be a wise decision to choose European floral arrangement rather than Ikebana UNLESS your goal for learning floral art is to become familiar with Japanese traditional art/culture OR become an instructor of Ikebana arts. 

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