Small Class for Semi Private Lesson

If you are looking for a private or semi private lesson of floral arrangement, you are in the right direction for finding an ideal school or instructor. Learning Ikebana is not exceptional. Unlike learning history or psychology, earning skills like Ikebana arrangement requires hands on training by well experienced instructor.

If you have ever experienced Ikebana or floral design lesson by taking a class at a local community college, you MAY have found lots of students in a classroom. And one instructor must take care of many of students for teaching floral arrangements.
Quite frankly speaking, this system works out for learning history, name of flowers, theory and concept as well as the style of Ikebana arrangements.

However when it comes to practical and actual training by using fresh flowers, Kenzan and Suiban for making floral arrangements in the classroom, it is so difficult for students to earn practical skills only because one instructor cannot take care of many students at the same time. No matter how a teacher is capable and experienced, instructor faces hard time for teaching Ikebana arrangement.

This is not a fault of instructor but a fault of system itself. Needless to say, it is next to impossible to earn skills of Ikebana or European floral arrangements by way of DISTANCE LEARNING using internet program.

California Flower Art Academy used to accept up to 6 students per class. Judging from our past experience however, we came to recognize that the number of students should be limited to no more than 4 per class (or per instructor) in order to implement a ONE ON ONE instructions or semi private lesson. At the moment, the typical number of students is only 2 to 3 per class/instructor. Therefore each student can be well taken care of by our instructor.

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For those who love flowers and floral designs, especially Japanese traditional floral art called "Ikebana", we are providing various information in addition to offering a variety of Ikebana classes in the San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame, San Mateo County) and also Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara County) not only on weekdays but also on the weekend. Our programs are cheap, inexpensive and affordable. If you are interested in taking lessons of Ikebana arrangement, why not join California Flower Art Academy ? You can enjoy hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions (semi private lessons) by a well experienced Ikebana instructor having more than 30 year experience.

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