Start Ikebana today from affordable seminar

Are you at a loss whether or not you should join a class for learning Ikebana ? Are you on a tight budget for a lesson fee ? Are you too busy to take lessons during weekdays ? Don't worry. We can help.

We offer trial short seminar by the name of Ikebana Short Seminar Program that costs only $98. This lesson fee includes not only tuition but also flower materials as well as Kenzan (frog: needlepoint holder to hold flowers) and Suiban (shallow type container specifically designed for Ikebana arrangement). After this seminar, you can use Kenzan and Suiban almost forever. By joining this program, you can learn 2 of basic Japanese Ikebana arrangements spending about 2.5 hours.

We offer this seminar every week (except the time of summer vacation and also when we offer series of seminars in Japan). The seminar is offered not only during weekdays but also on the weekend. Saturday class is offered at our Burlingame extension class and Sunday class is at San Jose main classroom.

You can enjoy hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions by our friendly instructor who is a certified Ikebana instructor has more than 30 year experience in
teaching Ikebana.

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For those who love flowers and floral designs, especially Japanese traditional floral art called "Ikebana", we are providing various information in addition to offering a variety of Ikebana classes in the San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame, San Mateo County) and also Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara County) not only on weekdays but also on the weekend. Our programs are cheap, inexpensive and affordable. If you are interested in taking lessons of Ikebana arrangement, why not join California Flower Art Academy ? You can enjoy hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions (semi private lessons) by a well experienced Ikebana instructor having more than 30 year experience.

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