Tools:Ikebana vs European designs

Let's take a look at the difference in floral supplies between Ikebana  and other floral arrangements. First of all, any and all floral supplies used for Ikebana Arrangement are totally different from a regular kind of floral designs. Take vase or container for instance, Ikebana often uses a flat one of which shape is similiar to a round tray.
This is called "Suiban".  How do they arrange flowers on or in such a flat "container". They use what is called "KENZAN" which is a needlepoint holder for holding flowers

In case of regular flower arrangements, they use what is called "OASIS" which is a foam made from chemical stuff and it looks like sponge. They insert flower stems to OASIS when arranging flowers. Above mentioned needlepoint holder has uncountable number of needles mounted on the surface of iron plate which is heavy enough to hold flower materials. 

Needlepoint holder  ("KENZAN") is not disposable while "OASIS" is disposable and not heavy at all. In terms of difficulties, needlepoint holder  (KENZAN) is  more difficult than OASIS. How about container or vase ? As mentioned in the above, flat type of container is often used for Ikebana Arrangement. Due to the shape of this container, they cannot but use needlepoint holder (KENZAN) which makes Ikebana arrangement a little bit more difficult than regular flower arrangement.

Of course even Ikebana often uses vertical type of container, in which case there is not so big difference in the way of making decoration because when using a vertical vase/container, they usually do not use OASIS or KENZAN for holding flowers. In addition to vase, container and needlepoint holder, we find a big difference in the type of scissors. Japanese flower arranging scissors are again difficult to use because of its shape. It is necessary to use much stronger power to use Japanese floral designing scissors than European or American style of scissors. 

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