What is Nageire Arrangement of Ikebana

People who are familiar with Ikebana arrangement must have heard of the word "Nageire". Nageire is one of the most popular style of Ikebana arrangements. This arrangement uses tall upright vase. Therefore it does not use Kenzan and Suiban that are quite popular tools for typical Ikebana arrangement called Moribana. Nageire arrangement is well known along with Moribana. 

Since Nageire arrangement usually uses no Kenzan, it is a little bit difficult to hold flowers in a right place inside a vase. Therefore we often use crossbars, stoppers and/or wires in the location that is not visible from outside. Only because this arrangement needs above mentioned "tools" to hold flowers (or some other elements) in a right place of a tall vase, making Nageire arrangement MAY be a little bit difficult for people who are not accustomed to this particular arrangement. 

Due to its difficult way of arranging, we teach Nageire arrangement only from Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course. Our curriculum of Ikebana Short Seminar Program and Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course does not cover this particular arrangement. 

For those who want to know better about this particular Ikebana arrangement,CLICK Images of a Variety of Nageire Arrangement HERE. If you would like to see videos showing demonstration of Nageire arrangement, following YouTube videos are helpful: (The pronunciation of "Nageire" is totally different from that done by Japanese people). 

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