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Hello Jim, Thank you for the beautiful, very special sharpie piece of the Brownstones on 84th. My daughter asked you to visit the home me and my grandparents lived in for many years. you did it and I love it. Thank you so much. I will treasure it forever. Kindest regards and much appreciation. Heather
-- Heather Brandt, 8/8/15

Any chance you will paint my house in Bay Ridge? I will stop by Cafe Cafe on 2/27
-- Lizabeth, 2/25/15

-- Regina Rose, 4/10/14

I love your work, they're so fun to look at.
-- Monica, 4/9/14

Very good stuff. Do you have a mailing list to inform me of your next exhibit?
-- Nate, 4/8/14

Still interesting and done with a discerning eye.21
-- Ron Reis, 11/16/13

Hi Jim! It's Alex from sf. I'm living in Ohio now. Thought I'd look u up and see how you are doing. Nice art work! Hope you are well.
-- Alex Switzer Reed, 2/14/13

I like your work.... not unlike my street photography. Ron
-- Ron Reis, 12/2/12

Hi im pretty sure u dont remember me..but my daughter sarah and I sat next to u on the Q train a while back and we were admiring ur art work...and u gave me ur card...i just found it in my old purse...just wanted to say hi.....we just moved up to orange county new york from brooklyn ...if u want to reach me u can give me a call..Jo-Anna 845 467 4371...
-- Jo-anna Loch, 4/12/11

Your art brings back so many wonderful memories of my time in NYC
-- Peter Kraus, 12/13/10

Is the painting 34th street still for sale?
-- Judy Coppola, 12/8/10

Sherry SolowI'm very moved by your work. Quite fluid and strong.
-- Sherry Solow, 12/6/10

this arts are amazing and they are telling some thing for us . very nice arts to u . you go to highest to th world. bless you
-- Rajesh , 10/25/10

Nice paintings
-- Daisy Martinez , 8/8/10

I just purchased a painting at a garage sale. It is signed Jim Rose but is a scene which includes a little house/building beside a lighthouse with sea galls. Doesn't look like your style shown on your web site. Was wondering if it is an early painting when you were in the northeast?
-- Vickie Forbes, 6/7/10

James LasenbyGreat paintings , well done! you posses a fine talent that shows up in each of your canvas. If you have time I would love to read your comments on my site,take it easy.
-- James Lasenby, 4/26/10

Great Work.
-- John C. Kuchera, 4/23/10

Hey James- Looks good over here! I can see the dedication!
-- Raymond Smith, 11/22/09

Your subway paintings and city scapes rock!
-- Mom, 10/7/09

Hey James, love the new art! The city has been a muse for you. Can't wait to come down to the city and check it out!
-- Andy, 10/2/09

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