My art is influenced by the diverse environment in which I live. I have lived my entire life in Oregon. The proximity to the ocean, farmlands, and mountains are often the inspiration and stepping off point for my work. I primarily paint with the aqua media which includes acrylic, watercolor, and gouache to create abstract and semi-abstract interpretations of nature and people. Some of my works are on gesso textured grounds; while others are on archival paper, canvas, or cradled panel surfaces. I normally create a small value sketch prior to starting a painting. For my acrylic and mixed media paintings, I begin by choosing my primary color scheme and lay down a loosely painted base for subsequent layers of contrasting and harmonizing colors. Painting in this manner becomes a dance and an adventure in which my paintings usually take on a life of their own. I enjoy the journey and adventure and I hope others will too when they view my paintings.
-- Jean Lea


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 Jean Lea • Oregon
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