Wow! Your talent just blows me away !
-- Hugh Depencier, 6/25/16

You have an amazing style Jen. Even cold, concrete subjects feel warm and inviting.
-- Shivaan Burke, 1/20/15

I see passion and creative obsession. Looking forward to seeing and feeling more!
-- Martin Kocak, 4/29/14

Hey Jenn, just took a boo.... love your website! See U at The Home Tour
-- Donna O'krafka, 4/22/14

Love your website , Jen....bring back so many memories, orange bug, Manitoulin and Birch trees. Keep em coming!
-- Deb/donna, 1/5/14

Excellent display and wonderful variety!
-- Clayton J. Burke, 9/22/13

Hi Jen, What a surprise! Awesome, just unbelievable.
-- Thelma Ross, 5/19/13

Hey Jennifer, I just came back from a visit to REAP in St. Jacobs. They had a few of your paintings on display. I must say, I love your work. Funny, I just read that you are from Sudbury? I'm from the Sault. Keep up the great work to represent the North! Pat Suriano
-- Pat Suriano, 4/23/13

Totally impressed, Jennifer and so proud of what you have done.
-- Shirley Laporte, 2/23/13

love your work friends with andy borland
-- Diane Wisgerhof, 2/12/13

Wow, totally takes me back to my youth. I love your work! I love the use of reds. Very cool stuff for sure!
-- Sam (Mullin) Hamilton, 1/27/13

This message comes from Cambridge MA to Cambridge Ontario-Wonderful Paintings, I enjoyed them all!-Mark Kertzman (Maak)
-- Mark Kertzman, 9/29/12

Was nice with the chance meeting we had near Killarney. Beautiful art work.
-- Dean Martin, 8/3/12

Fabulous work! I look forward to seeing more for sale on this site!
-- Tara Hoyte, 4/2/12

beautiful art
-- Darlene Simpson, 3/21/12

You are very inspiring artist! I love all of the painting I saw....they are amazing art work!!!!
-- Thomas, 1/9/12

Your work is stunning, Jennifer. I feel like I am walking in the woods when I look at your landscapes!
-- June Kasperski Wild, 12/1/11

Your site looks fabulous!
-- Tania Hanscom, 12/1/11

Please keep us informed of your upcoming exhibitions and new work! Such beautiful work...
-- Judith Temporale, 10/20/11

Your collection is exquisite. I love the way that you capture the image and infuse it with "Feeling" in the way that you see it!
-- Katherine Young, 10/15/11

I absolutely love your art! Everyone that I really liked, mainly trees and fall colors, were sold :O( Love white house and picket fence is beautiful.
-- Maureen Crothall, 6/20/11

Congratulations on the new website, but more importantly, on your new work and your blossoming confidence. It is a great thing that you have realized your dream, so often expressed in our early Woodland Park conversations, of becoming a "real" artist. I love Parked--the colors are magical; and the Cello and Piano paintings are extraordinary. Cello, in particular, captures that fusion of representational and abstract that makes a work extra-special and truly captivating. Wonderful stuff!! Keep Painting!!!!!
-- Richard Dart, 4/7/11

A talent that just grow and grow! Love the work!!
-- Barb Fransen, 4/1/11

A talent that just grow and grow! Love the work!!
-- Barb Fransen, 4/1/11

Looking forward to viewing all your new work to come.
-- Carla Day, 3/31/11

Congrats Jen! The site looks great and your paintings are amazing!! xo
-- Marnie, 3/31/11

Love your new site!!! Your work looks fantastic!
-- Jacqui Murphy, 3/30/11

were so grown up, what to do next!!!!
-- Janice, 3/30/11

Nice site. It looks like all of your hard work payed off. I think that "Parked" is my new favorite. Keep up the good work.
-- Shawn Burke, 3/30/11

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