About Me: I'm a semi-retired Army vet who loves working with my hands and creating unique pieces for people. I also believe that some old crafts need people to keep them alive so I've delved deep into chain and wire jewelry. I create not only chain pieces for everyday wear, but custom pieces for motorcycles, gear embellishment and more.

About my Jewelry: Most of my pieces are handmade from scratch using very old techniques. I wind and hand saw or cut my own jump rings. I weave every link and harden and polish pieces to a bright sheen where desired. Modern clasps are used for strength and security. If desired, I can make simple hook clasps for an authentic "antique" look.

About my Chainmail Armor: In my functional armor pieces I use minimum of 16 gauge steel and hand cut every ring. Even though butted mail (not welded), these are suitable for rough play, SCA combat and maybe even for use during a Zombie Apocalypse (not responsible for zombie bites....) I tailor pieces to the end user and will make alterations and repairs as needed for free if customer pays shipping cost due to weight.

About my Engraving and Pyrography Services: I use a 30 watt CO2 laser engraver for many mediums (Wood, Leather, Glass, Marble, Tile, Metals) and a Roland Metaza engraver for fine metal jewelry and some stainless steel pieces. I use PhotoGrav software to engrave custom photo images. I also do pyrography by hand to make unique art pieces.


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