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jenniferstarrWhat fun to see your art, Jill! Of course, I have a natural draw to the cats!
-- jenniferstarr, 3/9/19

Great stuff. I have shared with many. Keep on taking photos.
-- Mary Murphy-clagett, 11/9/18

Awesome photographs! Very laser focus to detail and scope. Beautiful!!
-- Guy Chambers, 3/11/17

Your photos soothe the soul. Assisted me through the emergency room for the 4th time in February. Thank you
-- Mary Anne, 2/24/16

Wow!! You are really good. Loved them all.
-- Suzanne Werner , 12/28/15

Beautiful detail shots. Love Lace Curtains and the old equipment shots. Good work!!
-- Eileen, 7/22/15

-- Eileen, 12/21/14

I love you Jill
-- Kelley, 10/30/14

Love your pics! Can't wait to get there to see you and Shandel and the wonderful area where you live.
-- Ann Vroom, 6/21/14

Love them!! I see you found some dead trees. Love the curing river.
-- Eileen Mandell, 5/23/14

Jill! Your photographs are impressive! And, there is so much natural beauty up north. Congratulations on finding your new hobby. :)
-- Sean Caruana, 11/23/13

This is a wonderful site and your photographs just keep getting better. I am so impressed with how you are learning and growing with this new avocation!
-- Shandel Gamer, 11/16/13

Great landscapes!! Excellent eye for shape, line, and design!!
-- Eileen Mandell, 8/15/13

I am so proud of your "hobby" which you have made into a new vocation. I am thrilled to see what you will photograph next.
-- Shandel Gamer, 8/6/13

Great pics! The sense of wonder your newly adopted home inspires in you comes out loud and clear. Ann Vroom
-- Ann Vroom, 8/6/13

"Talented YOUNG professional" is a perfect description in "About Jill Tucker." Love it!!! Your photos are amazing. I wonder how many times you had to climb, balance, stretch to take some of them. Be careful!! Love, Paula
-- Paula Hoffman Villanueva, 7/23/13

Such beautiful work Jill. I feel more serene just looking at your lovely nature photos.
-- Linda And Dana, 7/6/13

Great photographs! Love the central Oregon photos.
-- Jemila Bennett, 7/4/13

We are truly a family of artists! Love the site. Photos are wonderful! Wilma
-- Wilma Lopez, 6/18/13