Hello we have your lotus blossom plants watercolor - I gave it to my husband Jamie on his 50th birthday and he is 73 now. It hangs in a prominent place in our home and we often tell each other even now how much we love it. We’d love to see more of your work. Pam and Jamie Hoyle
-- Pam And Jamie Hoyle , 5/8/22

Hi Joan. About to sign off my site on zhibit when I had the pleasure of seeing you as their featured artist today. What wonderful work you are still doing. Julie and I miss all of the great friends we had on Camano. Love your latest stuff as always.
-- Ned Block, 5/16/20

Hi. Joan, Many years since we worked together at SCC. You still do beautiful work. I live in La Conner now so we are nearly neighbors! We should have lunch sometime.
-- Dawn Azure, 9/8/19

PM RobinsonI continue to be drawn in by your beautiful work. Some of my favorites are Points of Light and Trail’s Edge. And your vision of The Coast is really stunning! I see and feel Camano in your work - I’m not sure if it’s because that’s where I know you from or it truly is in your painting. Hope all is well, Pat Robinson Stolarski
-- PM Robinson, 1/22/19

your works your art is lovely and inspiring...i am also watercolor and acrylic artist tho rarely 81 and paint everyday... best to you.
-- Judi Marcellus, 3/14/18 have stuck with your art and life and you have created work that is fresh and you da
-- Dorothy Kleppen, 10/27/17

I am so drawn to your work!
-- Anne Hartley-willis, 7/22/17

Hello, I have watercolor dated 1971 signed I think Enslin. The painting looks like a Nemadji pottery vases color. I was wondering if that was one of your paintings? Any info on the painting, if it's yours would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time, Bryan
-- Bryan Vaughan, 1/10/17

Your work takes my breath away!
-- Joan Enslin, 8/30/15

I'm considering a move to Camano Island, a place I've never been to, and in doing my research, discovered your beautiful art.
-- Edie Layland, 3/22/15

Beautiful works.
-- Fong Baatz, 6/23/14

Joan..I found myself "lost in peace" viewing your work and words. You have a gift of art-appreciation that has and will inspire many to be their better selves. With love, Nancy Whitmore
-- Nancy Whitmore, 8/18/13

I rather accidentally came upon your artwork and am so inspired by it, especially the abstract or non-objective paintings. I am a Pensacola,Florida artist, retired clinical psychologist and musical saw player.
-- Morris Lee Eaddy, 7/24/12

Hi the rock paintings. How can I purchase one of these beautiful pieces? I must have one...... Hugs Cindy
-- Cindy Ellinger, 4/29/12

I have found my inspiration again. Thank you, for sharing this magnificent works. The world is lifted from my shoulders through your brush strokes. Uplifting work. Thank you again.
-- Izette Enslin, 2/14/12

Oh Joan, This is a FABULOUS web page. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. It is just absolutely wonderful.....just like you. Kisses, Kathryn
-- Kathryn Flanagan, 1/9/12

Thanks Joan for sharing your beautiful works. Your amazing. Gorg and Ted.
-- Gorg, 12/18/11

I'm impressed; and to think I knew you way back when.
-- Elmer Green, 12/14/11

Love your style, colors and more. There is a freedom in your work and a beauty in every stroke! Glad I stumbled upon your page!!
-- Pat Freedman, 11/15/11

Very nice Joan I love the use of colors & forms in an abstract way to create a realistic scene. The colors are great ! Keep up the wonderful work.
-- Mark Fllinger, 11/12/11

i bought one of your paintings at the Old Pleasant Ridge gallery years ago. I saw it and drove back to Seattle and I couldn't forget it. I called and had them hold it for me. i'm a single so it was a big deal for me to buy the painting, but i still love it. it was a watercolor of autumn leaves. iwent back and bought. I'm single and
-- Pat Huxtable, 10/30/10

Very nice Joan ! I love your artistry of using your colors. keep up the great work.
-- Mark Ellinger, 8/1/10

Marie-Claire DoleI love your website Joan, it is really striking ! Marie-Claire Dole
-- Marie-Claire Dole, 7/9/09

Great Website Joan, Good Job, Fun to beable to follow your art work. Ted Birchard 04/15/09
-- Ted Birchard, 4/15/09

As a professional art critic, I have found that your artwork is absolutely stunnning and deliciously under-priced for what it is.
-- Cody Finke, 3/25/09

Your paintings make me feel alive with color, form and texture, as if I am within and part of the scene. Your paintings are beautiful.
-- Mel Senator, 2/13/09

Really a lovely site. I thought your words about your lofe and painting really let people know what your work is all about. Very well done.GG
-- Gretchen Galer, 1/7/09

Amazing! You are absolutely Amazing! Your website looks great! I can't wait to give our clients your site so they start enjoying your work as much as we do! Corinne, Olympia, Lesley and Viviana Revivals Design
-- Corinne Enslin, 1/6/09

Well done! congrats.
-- Julia, 1/2/09

Your vibrant color and bold style is well represented on this website. I like seeing our world through your creative images.
-- Beverly Maxwell, 12/23/08

Wonderful site. I am impressed with your computer know how. Plus it's really nice to be able to see your pictures. My favorite, of course, is the poppies.
-- Dana Bodnarchuk, 12/22/08

One of my favorite pieces featured on your website Joan, love your feel for nature and great talent for expressing it. You are indeed one of Camano Island's talent gems!
-- Gary Anderson, 12/21/08

Nice to see your work Joan the site looks great keep up the good work & see ya around our little piece of paridise.
-- Mark Ellinger, 12/14/08