About the Artist

Mixing his training as an engineer, interest in art, an innate ability to draw and a vast storage of memories from his years of international travel, John embarked on a second profession when he enrolled at The Glassell School of Arts over a decade ago.
Favorite subjects include portraits of some of the more interesting characters that he has met through the years, the charm of old European towns and villages or extracting/synthesizing interesting slices out of landscapes.

 “When I search for painting subjects, I generally look for a story to tell. In portraits, I like to paint people whose features could tell a life story. In urban settings, I try to compose a scene from sketches and photographs and give the sense that there is a story behind the painting.

 I always try to leave an element of mystery, allowing the viewer’s imagination to fill in the blanks. I am fascinated by the play of light and it’s interaction with my painting subjects.”



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 John M BoomHouston, TX713 254 5037