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Cette peinture est magnifique ! Toute en finesse et en retenue, elle attire le regard. Même en reproduction internet, on ne se lasse pas de la regarder.
-- Janssens, Fred, 4/19/20

John- You are very gifted. Please keep me in mind for your next show. Thank you for donating your proceeds to such worthy causes as The Nehemiah Center and the Interface-Samaritan Counseling Center.
-- David Hanson, 4/3/20

John, it was a pleasure meeting you this past weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person.
-- Jessica Bimmermann, 8/23/16

Fascinating. It was our pleasure to meet you an your wife this past weekend. I just took a peek at your website, and I find your artwork fascinating. I'm looking forward to spending more time with it and sharing it with my friends. Sincerely, Cristy Coyne
-- Cristy Coyne, 10/6/14

JJ Watt very intriguing I like it
-- Jay, 11/24/13

Looking forward to 28 September. Where do I buy tickets from?
-- Scott Early, 7/19/13

Great pieces!
-- Scott Early, 11/11/12

Thanks for a wonderful sharing of activities with you and Monique in Montreat and learning about your profession as an artist. Viewing ALL of your posted beautiful, expressive and reflective paintings has been a unique pleasure... Dorothy Otto (10/23/2012)
-- Dorothy Otto, 10/23/12

We were tablemates at the World Affairs Council luncheon with Andy Card, recently.
-- Evelyn Earlougher, 9/17/12

John, I enjoyed meeting you today. I think your art is just beautiful. Enjoy your trip to Santa Fe! Let me know about any new showings. Susan Gordon, 2/20/12
-- Susan Gordon, 2/20/12

Can't wait for the next show Love my paintings
-- Jay Brown, 1/18/12

Your art is spectacular!!!!
-- David A Caudillo, 1/5/12

John, So sorry we could not be in Houston for the show. We would have loved to have been there. I heard it was a huge success, and I'm proud to have been a really small part of the process. I'm enjoying the lovely "John Boom" original that I have here in my own home. Best Regards, Suzy
-- Kelly Newport (Suzy), 9/28/11

Congratulations and Thanks!
-- Bob Shimp, 9/23/11

You have came a long way and it was for the good.
-- James Percell, 9/21/11

Dear John & Monique, We are so sorry to be out of town for your delightful show. Please allow us to see your work some other time please!
-- D Scott & Maryann Ingersoll, 9/19/11

John, I'm so excited for your show in September. It will do so much good for so many people. Bless you for your gifts to this endeavor. Blessings to Monique, for she enriches every effort. Yours, Nettie
-- Nettie Wood , 9/1/11

-- Bob Hunt, 8/28/11

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