Joyce, your art is fabulous. All forms! What size are your strappo prints? Looking forward to seeing you at NGC. Carol
-- Carol Mcmenamy, 9/1/19

Greetings! My name is john Scotfield from SC. I actually observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes your piece of work, I'm also impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too, : ) You are doing a great job. I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you. I am very much interested in the purchase of the piece (in subject field above) to surprise my wife. Kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales. Thanks and best regards, john.
-- John Scotfield, 9/22/16

I love your work!
-- John Connelly, 4/10/16

WOW! Loved my etour. You are amazing; I'm a fan. jean
-- Jean Lemmon, 1/29/13

You are one talented lady Joyce
-- Brian Maguire, 6/1/12

I had no idea of your comprehensiveness! Most impressive work..
-- Fifi Macmahon, 5/29/12

Beautiful body of works with fantastic colorations. Thanks for sending. I'll place in my files.
-- Joan Muncy, 5/26/12

Joyce, what a talent you are! I want to buy something just to keep a little piece of you in my I just have to figure out which one???
-- Mary Dorgan, 3/30/12

Hello Joyce, I very much enjoy your work.
-- Louise Rudy, 9/8/10

Hi Joyce - very impressive work. I truely believe the class in Digital Collage had an impact on your work. I love all of it. Wish I would have the time to work more with digital collage. Work for the B&B takes a lot of my time.
-- Reinhold Mahler, 8/1/10

Hi Joyce...Love you work ...I think I am going to have to save some money so I can own a "Colvario"
-- Helen O'brien, 7/8/10

I enjoyed looking at your work very much,I'm glad I joined this site!
-- James Lasenby, 2/27/10

Joyce I love your work it looks like you've been very busy.
-- Connie Ladd Mcvey, 10/10/09

How come I have not creativity??? It must be from your moms side or bio grandmother!!!! I sure missed out +( as I remember Delores was creative also, I remember when she wallpappered her ceiling in the kitchen, that's when it wasnt thought of and it begand to be a fad
-- Janice Floro Agri, 8/26/09

Joyce, your work has gotten better and better over the years. You're an extraordinary and talented woman and artist!
-- Janet B. Libby, 7/18/09

Joyce, I've always loved your work!!
-- Anonymous, 7/16/09

your prints and paintings are so beautifully poetic!
-- Nadia, 6/21/09

Joyce, thank you for sharing your work with me, you are very tallented and your sense of color is something I envy!
-- Elaine Rader, 3/27/09

your artworks are so intriguing and you have an exquisite sense of composition and color!
-- Nadia, 3/17/09

i love your solar prints and am amazed at the the tonal range you achieve. do you describe your technique anywhere on the net?
-- Iris Posner, 3/6/09

I am very impressed with your talent.
-- Jo Anne, 2/16/09

You have a powerful and impressive body of work. Thank you for sharing it.
-- Jim Curran, 1/22/09

First time I have seen your work. I love it. Good luck . See you soon.
-- Francis Shields, 8/18/08

Joyce it has been too long, I love your work as always...the pigeons caught my eye. Love it! Keep up the good work, you inspire me!
-- Mary Tuttle, 7/30/08

Carla Nottingham MyaneI find the strappo prints very interesting. This is the first time I have heard of this method. Look forward to more.
-- Carla Nottingham Myane, 7/23/08

Looks good. Easy to view. I like the colorful flower ones, especially the tulips.
-- Dina Greenwald, 5/23/08

I love all of the flower paintings, especially the tulips and sunflowers!
-- Karen Feldman, 5/22/08

Outstanding Joyce. Loved the "clothesline series" Am forwarding to son Mitchell so he can share with my grandson Perry (12) who does abstract paintings. (Sold enough of his work to purchase and ipod!!) Good luck. Will get Mick to view this too. Love, Fran
-- Fran Kurker, 5/22/08

Joyce, what a lovely new website. Your paintings and prints are fabulous. I really enjoyed seeing your work with the black background. Coming to Boston soon and will call you. Congratulations. JA
-- Jean Ann Lynch, 5/18/08

Absolutely wonderful...these are just beautiful...I am soooo impressed with your work.....
-- Helen O'brien, 5/11/08

The works are magnificient! The website design is really well done and shows off your work beautifully. We should come up and visit!
-- Beth & Ray Bauman, 5/11/08

hey it looks terrific!
-- Lorraine Agri, 4/20/08

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