I'm very fond of using inks and also very fond of using bamboo sticks to apply them.  I prefer the application to be rather dry, so I don't care for the hollow bamboo, which is normally used to hold more ink.  Instead I choose to simply dip more often. 

People have asked me why I'm such a fan.  Strangely, one reason is because once the ink is applied there's no going back; it's there for good.  Every stroke or line needs to be in just the right place and I find the intricacy appealing; plus I'm not too shabby at it (in my opinion of course).

The other reason is because I’m fairly impatient.  I cannot tell you how many oil paintings I have ruined because I couldn’t leave them alone.  With inks, and Acrylics to a lesser degree, they dry in minutes.  This means I never have to stop to wait for the next stage of application and unlike pencils or pastels I don’t have to worry about smudges.  I can also block in large sections, create pencil thin lines or fine dots.


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