Becky loves Hank  Williams
From a CD cover Becky draws Hank in wax
Becky came into my studio and had no idea what she would create.  Then she saw a CD of Hank Williams and decided to do Hank!

Painting Hank
Eboo and Becky
Eboo's Frogs
Eboo's Owls...night time music makers

Dianne and Banjos!  Flying Banjos.  And lots of color.


Dianne and Banjos
Kathy's Landscape
Susette painting and printing fabric that later became placemats and napkins.  Lovely!
Below her resist dyed indigo fabric with silkscreened trees, and painted batik.

Resist indigo dye with silkscreening
Leigh's trees
Leigh came in with a graceful sketch of tree branches and they lent themselves well to drawing with hot wax.

Rich created this wonderful rendition of the lighthouse at Folly Beach


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