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John van Orsouw.Cool Art Karen and really enjoy your music as well. Perhaps I'll get lucky and hear you play someday. Always did like Johnny Otis.
-- John van Orsouw., 1/28/17

Lovely, Karen; your work is beautiful and inspiring. Lee
-- Lee Allen, 4/12/15

Sister! This is the first time I've seen this posted. I KNEW you were extraordinary, am privileged to have some of your pieces in my home. What amazing talents you have to share with the world...much love to you!
-- Trish O'brien, 8/2/14

what an awesome talent you have...beautiful
-- Nancy Snider, 5/27/14

I love it, Karen!
-- Charla Groves, 4/11/14

love it
-- Karen Bell, 2/28/14

Oh my gosh, you are so talented and love all your beautiful pieces.
-- Natasha Burke, 4/13/13

Karen, this is beautiful and impressive! I love seeing this collection of your work all in one place, and I love your photos and descriptions of how you make your batiks.
-- Sarah Rubin, 3/28/13

Love your work!!!
-- Kim Lutz, 3/26/13

putting it out there a brave move
-- The Weave, 3/26/13