Raised in Grand Rapids Michigan Kathy loved art in school, reading books from the bookmobile, and playing in the endless waters of Michigan.  Great grandparents influenced the artistic fabric of her family with their careers as set designer and ballet dancer in Barnum & Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus. Their talents were passed to their son who taught drafting, shop and set design in Dayton Ohio.  Kathy grew up watching her grandfather build, design and create art with paint, wood, copper and steel.

High school years were spent in Arizona at the Orme School, a boarding school on a working cattle ranch.  Orme provided immersion in the arts, college prep education and unique connections to nature and other cultures.  From hiking throughout the southwest, archeology site excavations, travel and fine arts immersion weeks; Kathy developed a deep connection to art, nature and other cultures.

Art took a backseat while raising her daughter and her career years as an electrician and housing rehabilitation specialist in Clackamas County Oregon.  Retirement opened up the doors to immerse herself in photography, watercolor and mixed media.  Enjoying her grandchildren, travel, taking Road Scholar studies, art workshops and weekly art classes have become her life and released a passion long contained.


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