Entanglement Entanglement (3 items)
Exploring new creative ideas and methods by using reused materials and weaving techniques to create experimental artworks. 

Art Photography: Fairytale Art Photography: Fairytale (4 items)
The artist escaped daily life and morphed into a fairy, frolicking with her imaginary world of mystery and transformation.

Artist Residency in Yunnan 2015 Artist Residency in Yunnan 2015 (16 items)
In 2011, I went to Xishuangbanna, visiting Mengla and Yiwu, the tea highlands. When I was in Yiwu, I was invited by a beautiful young mother to visit her tiny tea factory and to have lunch. I was really touched by her hospitality.

Since then, it had always been my desire to go back to Xishuangbanna in a way which I could serve the community. I was really excited to find ACAF's Arts Can Do Artist Residency in Yunnan. 

Through this program, I have been teaching arts to children at Longlin Primary School, which is located in the beautiful countryside surrounded by hills on all sides and close to a Dai ethnic village. 

During my residency there, I constructed an Art Yurt with the help of the children. This temporary outdoor structure is based on the traditional yurt of Central Asia. The purpose of getting the children involved in this project is to create a non-classroom environment, where children have the opportunity to interact with each other and engage in mobility. The children also involved in the assembling of the yurt.
The art project emphasizes on the practicality of arts in daily life. 

The outer wall of the yurt was stenciled with tribal patterns originated from Dai ethnic tribe. This is to revitalize and to promote tribal arts from the autonomous region. The art yurt was exhibited at ACAF's group exhibition in Shanghai.


Carnival of The Anonymous Carnival of The Anonymous (7 items)
This is an on going interactive performance art project. The artworks were created using reused materials during my residency at Australia China Art Foundation in Shanghai. The interactive performance art was later performed spontaneously at Longlin Primary School in Mengla, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. The pupils were so keen to take part in the performance art because it was something new for them. 

The purpose of the performance art is to generate curiosity and reactions from the pupils. 

Artist Residency in Yunnan 2016: Star Light Installation Art Artist Residency in Yunnan 2016: Star Light Installation Art (4 items)
This installation artwork is a site-specific art project created during my residency at Longlin Primary School in Mengla, Yunnan.  The school children took part in the process. The light installation artwork was on display in the school compound.

Artist Residency in Yunnan 2016: Mural Art Project Artist Residency in Yunnan 2016: Mural Art Project (11 items)
This is the first phase of the mural project done at Longlin Primary School in Mengla, Yunnan. The school children participated in the process. The girl with a balloon is a special tribute to Banksy. Elephants are symbolic in Xishuangbanna. Part of the mural is to promote love for elephants, which are endangered animals due to ivory trade. The residency was sponsored by Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteer Center. Residency duration: 9 March - 4 July 2016.

Arts Can Do Shanghai Residency 2016 Arts Can Do Shanghai Residency 2016 (3 items)
This is a site-specific glass mural project at Xuanqiao Children Center of Jiuqian in Shanghai. The residency was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteer Center and Australia China Art Foundation. Residency duration: 5 July - 31 July 2016.

My pupils' artworks My pupils' artworks (17 items)
This is a collection of my pupils' artworks. My pupils are my pride. I am very proud of them. 

Installation art: Memorial Installation art: Memorial (4 items)
My site-specific installation artwork was on display at LUSH Bangkok Music Festival. LUSH was held at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit Hotel on 7 Oct 2016. Memorial was specifically to commemorate the Thammasat University massacre ( 6 Oct 1976). It took me nearly five hours to painstakingly stitch the artwork onto the Jim Thompson silk panel.

LUSH is an initiative that promotes positive social and environmental change through affordable high quality events. So far,  it has raised more than 1 million THB for charity since its inception.

I was very honored to be part of LUSH for the third time.

String Art String Art (5 items)
I created these string mandalas as parts of an installation artwork for a music festival in the forest but the music festival had to be cancelled due to the passing of King Bhumibol in Thailand. 

My pupils' paintings: Trees in Heaven My pupils' paintings: Trees in Heaven (7 items)
This is a series of watercolor paintings by my pupils at Longlin Primary School in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

My pupils drawings: Animal Kingdom My pupils drawings: Animal Kingdom (8 items)
This is a series of drawings by my pupils at Longlin Primary School in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

Group exhibition: Reconnecting Group exhibition: Reconnecting (6 items)
A group exhibition organized by Australia China Art Foundation, to  celebrate the 4th anniversary of 'Arts Can Do' program. I was  very honored to be one of the artists featured in the exhibition. The exhibition was to raise funds for 'Arts Can Do' program. Arts Can Do is an arts based education and therapy program founded by Australia China Art Foundation for disadvantaged children and those with learning disabilities.

Relief Wood Carving Relief Wood Carving (5 items)
Working with migrant youths on relief wood carving as part of intangible heritage folk art conservation program.