ART:Louis Pretorius Paintings - affordable oil paintings that will brighten your evironment
Louis Pretorius ART:Louis Pretorius Paintings
affordable oil paintings that will brighten your evironment


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Louis Art Classes,MELKBOSSTRAND    Tel.: 021 553 2107       Cell:0725246549

Registration for art classes open for 2019

 (The classes will commence on Wednesday 16 January 2019)

1.            Students  per session. Maximum 8 adults.

2.            FEES:4 -hour sessions on WEDNESDAY MORNINGS;

               Monthly   R800 per person  if he/she attends once a week

               A single / once off visit /OR   4 hour workshop day R400 per person per session

Payable MONTHLY IN ADVANCE  and if a student can’t make it, the following option will apply :a catch-up class will be on  a THURSDAY evening from 6pm to 9pm OR you forfeit the day but the fees are still payable

3.            At present the art classes are on Wednesday mornings from 9.00 to 13.00

And Thursday evenings.

4.            Any other time can also be arranged if there are enough students to attend.

5.            Students must supply their own art materials, except for the first lesson for      newcomers.Students can use my materials on the first visit.  

6.            Students must confirm their next appointment.

7.            Small children are not allowed during the lessons.

8.            Notes handed out to students will remain the property of Louis Pretorius.

9.            My main aim is to show you technique - how to use the art materials.No previous  experience needed

10.       The sessions should be enjoyable and you must gain knowledge regarding art.

11.       For ONE-ON - ONE class for 4 hours are R600 per  person per  class

12.     I can show you how to upload images of your art on art websites.

.Eventually you will get to the point where you will "feel" that you know enough to do it on your own.We work in oils, but students can use other mediums as well.

A new student do not need to bring any art materials on the first lesson, it shall be supplied by Louis. Thereafter they supply their own materials

Usually I paint a scene and use brushes and palette knife. This takes me about 30 to 40 minutes. The students then try to do it in two and a half hours. Towards the end of the session I help by adding a few stokes if needed.No previous experience is needed

A student can do his/her own drawing but normally I do it for them so as to make it as easy as possible.

Students can bring their own canvasses or buy it from me which are less expensive.

Although we can paint anything, I prefer landscapes because they are the best sellers.

Melkbosstrand greetings

Louis Pretorius

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