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Art Gallery Art Gallery
I started working in colored pencils in early 2000. I started to see color, and enjoy working with it. So I do as much as my hands will allow. I work on about 3 pieces a year (2010).

Erotica Erotica
My erotic themes are mostly from my past. I'm sharing them now because they only collect dust in my garage.

Black and White Gallery Black and White Gallery
This is how I started in the art business. I only showed work in black and white. Some of these drawings are from a book I haven't finish yet. I think I may finish it in near future:).

Panther Days Panther Days
Some copies of the Black Panther newspaper, thanks to Billy X.

Digital Drawings Digital Drawings
The first 10 works represents work I created on my Kindle Fire and cell phone. I used a Sketch n Draw and the Notepad + apps, and it appears to to be a child's program. This is the fun I had with the program. I now used Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and an improved stylus, my work has improved.

Zen Panther Series Zen Panther Series
Buddhist art, Zen, Black Panthers, panther, animals