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Nice seeing your work and knowing that you are doing well. I want to connect with you . Be Strong
-- Ab Jordan, 8/3/13

Greetings from Slovakia Dear Malik Edwards !
-- František Jakub, 2/17/13

Still really good the color just adds a whole new diemension
-- Juanita, 7/22/12

I love your work cousin brings joy to my heart...keep up the great work
-- Darilyn Turner, 10/19/10

Kwaku OseiKeep up the good work man, some really interesting stuff can come out if you keep banging them pieces out.
-- Kwaku Osei, 2/12/10

I love your art- your whimsical and thougthful and your use of color rocks- I can't wait to fund my Paypal account- I'll be back to buy!
-- Jennifer Bair, 1/30/10

Are you the Malik who do the logo for the DC rap crisis center conference-Third World Women and Violence in th 80's?????????????????????????
-- Deirdre Wright, 1/29/10

Malik: I like how you have organized your website and galleries.
-- Homer Gee Greene, 1/20/10

WOW I had no Idea you hid this much talent... great stuff, thank you for sharing
-- Harriet Carion, 1/19/10

David Thornton Knapp I love your stuff. "Adam and eve" had me laughing out loud in delight.
-- David Thornton Knapp , 11/9/09

Wishing you the best.
-- Lee Keenan, 11/5/09

-- Vernard R Gray, 10/7/09

Still shocking the masses with your art. Great pieces! Your new art shows growth and expansion. Who knows what you can do when you can concentrate. Keep moving forward, my brother.
-- Charles Stephenson, 6/19/09

-- Darryll Brooks, 6/16/09

Glad you were on my mind and this technology brings us together once again. Kenneth J Wyrtch, remembering DC Days 1975 - '86
-- Kenneth J. Wyrtch, 6/15/09

Malik, what size are your prints? Are they mounted?
-- Linda "Ukali" Wilson, 4/29/09

I am so proud and still always amaze by your free spirit. You will always be my hero and mentor. I love you 4/4/09
-- Terrible "T", 4/4/09

Hello Malik Your art work is the out of this world, space is the place ( Sun Ra). keep your 3r EyE Open. Semper fidelis
-- William E Carter, 3/8/09

I sent you an email. Please get in contact with me. I really like your current work as I did of your work I saw some 25 years ago!
-- Homer Gee Greene, Jr., 3/6/09

I enjoy your work. Its simply, its emotional and that connects with people. I would love to show some of your work in a group show in SF later this year- contact me if interested-
-- Jennifer Bair, 2/8/09