Triptychs, Diptychs and Large Canvases Triptychs, Diptychs and Large Canvases
Multiple canvas paintings and works 5 feet and over in height. 

Angels Angels
Paintings and drawings with angels, abstracted angel wings, angel feathers and other elements of the natural and magical worlds.

Garden Series Garden Series
A series of ink drawings and paintings exploring life's  "garden". 

Houses and Hearts series Houses and Hearts series
A series of paintings exploring the spatial divisions we create as geometric places to inhabit during our lives, and how our hearts inhabit these spaces.  

Tree paintings and Leaf series Tree paintings and Leaf series
Tree and tree spirit paintings and a series of 12" square paintings inspired by the beauty found in leaves.

Abstracted from the Landscape Abstracted from the Landscape
Large colorful abstractions from sketches created while on hikes through the mountains of Georgia, in the countryside in Massachusetts and at the beach. 

Sketches and Drawings Sketches and Drawings
Sketchbook sketches and drawings from nature and surroundings

Jewelry Jewelry
Every piece of jewelry is an original work of art! These pieces have all been sold.

Fiber Art Fiber Art
Originally designed fiber art, reflecting my love for modern art, nature and Pre-Columbian textiles

Heart Message Pillows Heart Message Pillows
Each pillow in this series of "Heart Message" throw pillows is one of my original designs, hand-painted on white linen. The pillow is backed with black linen, and has a pocket with a painted red and black heart. A personal love message, affirmation, or dream intention, etc, can be written and placed in the pocket. These have all been sold.

Paintings by Marjorie Crawford