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I do enjoy viewing your work. It is like a quick tour through a mini art museum.
-- Joseph Chamberlain, 3/16/13

love new afghan
-- Jim, 1/19/13

So lovely to find you and your paintings here Marjorie! Please keep me posted!
-- Heidi Daub, 1/17/13

I love your paintings and the vibrant colors. Your art reflects the essence of light and higher vibration....Awesome!
-- Izabela Adamus, 10/2/12

Lovely paintings beautiful colors and most important is the flow of thoughts .....Great :)
-- Agnivesh, 9/13/12

wonderful textures, colors and patterns~
-- Jeannie Burham, 6/18/12

The Waterfall is definitely my favorite. Good luck with your show. Love you!!!
-- Desa Dewhurst, 5/5/12

Very interesting perspectives!
-- Joseph Chamberlain, 8/27/11

I took a look at every piece of your gallery and enjoyed most of your work. You are quite a talented Artista! I look forward to seeing more of your work. Keith.
-- Keith Todoroff, 8/13/11

Congratulations! website is beautiful! I too love the leaf series...colors lead you into a garden where you can get lost in nature!
-- Christina Reed, 7/17/11

Your work is truly inspiring, Marjorie. Congratulations on the new website and good luck with the "take off!"
-- Carl Olson, 7/16/11

Love the website! love leaf series, esp the butterfly shadow one! simply beautiful! congratulations!
-- John Peters, 7/16/11

Your paintings a beautiful, Keep up the good work!!
-- Carol Mccall, 7/16/11

Great job! Love ya.
-- Desa, 7/16/11

A very nice website. Paintings look great, but nothing beats seeing them hung.
-- Harry, 7/16/11

Paintings by Marjorie Crawford