above: Artist with Love and the Tree
, Triptych, acrylic on 3 gallery wrapped canvases, the two side canvases each measure 36" x18", center canvas measures 36" x 36", total dimensions 36" x 72"

Transformations:  Abstract Expressions of Spirit and Nature, an exhibit of paintings and ink drawings by artist Marjorie C Crawford, was on display from July 12 through September 28, 2012 at The Women's Resource Center, 340 S Tuttle Ave, Sarasota.
Twenty-nine artworks including the Tree & Leaf series, Love series, Angel Wing series, and Shadow Garden series were featured in this exhibition along with several other pieces with similar themes. 

Presented were colorful abstractions; amalgamations of sketches created while hiking and contemplating the simple and complex beauty found in a tree, a leaf, a waterfall ... in nature.  Additionally, many of the paintings celebrated the eternal aspects of love, metaphorically and symbolically, through imagery of angel wings, hearts, suns and moons. Included was The Shadow Garden series, which began as a series of black and white ink and gouache drawings of imagined imagery of gardens and is intended to explore life’s “shadow garden”. This series grew to include color as seen in “Tree Enchanted by the Feminine”.   

 Common to all of the artworks was an overlapping of thoughts and imagination, imagery and often color.  And for each piece the intention was to offer a transformed expression of beauty, of spirit and nature. 

 Most of all, this exhibition wass meant to represent a joyous celebration of life. It is the artist’s hope that the viewer will contemplate some of life’s mystery, magic, and intelligence. 


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Paintings by Marjorie Crawford