I’m very happy to see another great artist from our region!
-- Jim Lessard, 8/26/18

Love your paintings. As animal lovers ourselves we so much appreciate others who are. Your art is absolutely stunning!
-- Suzi & Chris Weaver, 4/29/18

Mark KertzmanWonderful stuff! So unique, colorful and alive!
-- Mark Kertzman, 3/15/14

Really Cool.
-- Christy Guinan, 2/17/14

good job Marnie
-- Deanna Galindo, 2/15/14

Love your work Marnie, you portray the essence of each animal.
-- Inge King, 2/15/14

-- Barb Thayer, 2/15/14

Truly unique and one of a kind. Highly recommend!
-- Brian Brooks, 3/15/13

LOVE your work Marnie! The vibrant colors are wonderful as well as the interpretation of the subject! Kudos!
-- Sally Poole, 5/29/12

hi marnie, i stumbled upon your artwork and thought i recognized your name from back in high school. beautiful work, very impressive.
-- Ollie Gandsey, 9/27/11

Beautiful! I am so impressed!!
-- Penelope Ernst Honniball, 6/27/11

Big Fan!
-- Kayce Blomberg, 5/11/11

I love your artwork!
-- Judy Dedek, 3/27/11

I'm treasurer of the Corvallis Art Guild. I hadn't seen your artwork until now. WOW! You and I have a lot in common. So nice to meet you. I love your work.
-- Judy Dedek, 2/11/11

Your very talented! I love this stuff!
-- David Bendel, 11/28/10

Wow! I really love your artwork, especially the color choice. :) Everything about your paintings is beautiful! I'm glad you gave me your card so that I could come an browse through your work. It's really good, you should be super proud of your abilities. :)
-- Stacie Struble, 10/21/10

Beautiful artwork Marnie! I know you will be successful or should I say, you are successful! Good Luck
-- Yvonne Ward, 8/29/10

Love it!
-- Katie Enright, 8/4/10

Love your words & you beautiful art. Thank you for showing all for everyone. HUGS & KISSES
-- Susan Kraft Yorke , 7/23/10

-- Amy Price, 7/1/10

Awesome paintings! Love em!
-- Abby Babcock, 6/28/10

Nice paintings!
-- Ryan Barstad, 6/18/10

I LOVE your current series. One of these days, I'm going to be able to say that I knew you before you got famous!
-- Linda Audrain, 5/13/10

You art is a reflection of your is FANTASTIC!
-- Kathy, 5/13/10

Love your art and it is fun seeing you have success doing what you love!!
-- Todd Byerly, 3/28/10

Just reviewed your Beauty is Wild series. Love, Love LOVE it! Chameleon and Tree Frog speak to me the most but I love the movement in Crane and Swan is so beautiful and graceful – you really captured it.
-- Ronda, 3/12/10

WOW! Your canvas explodes with color each different from the previous,fantastic to view your site. Glad I joined up.
-- James Lasenby, 2/13/10

Love your work. As photographer,writer and now a self teaching painter you have inspired me. I too have to have my art on the weekends. My husband built me a little studio and it is my sanctuary. Thank you for your contributions to the art world. Color is life!!!
-- Cyndi Hinzman, 2/5/10

Your work is amazing Marnie!!
-- Kimber Barnes, 2/5/10

W-O-W! Very nice Marnie!
-- Mike Taylor, 1/23/10

Marnie, what a great site and what a creative mind and talent you have. The guardian angel is my favorite, but I also really like the Bird's Eye and Yellow Flower. Thank you for sharing your art. It's awesome!
-- Heather White, 1/13/10

You go girl. Nice to have talent in the family and family that''s putting there work forward.
-- Mike Ernst, 11/14/09

I'm envious that you can create such beauty! What a wonderful website too. Thanks for sharing!
-- Margaret Oscilia, 11/14/09

Who wouldn't want a pet portrait? I love your work!
-- Kady Ellifritz, 10/25/09

You have some really amazing work!
-- Fran Boeder, 8/26/09

I had no idea you had done so many! What a wonderful talent, and a great way to spend your time.
-- Linda Huddleston, 8/13/09

Two of your paintings hang in the Hall of Marnie at our home. The third brightens up the man cave. All are amazing and we are honored to have them!
-- J. Thatcher, 8/11/09

Marnie, your creations make me smile. Keep it up!
-- Jeff, 8/11/09

Way to go womoon!
-- Leslie Markworth, 8/11/09

You are an amazing artist. I love you!
-- Rebecca Sorgen, 8/11/09

The leafy sea dragon and sea turtle are still my favorite ;)
-- Jessica Brostowitz, 8/10/09

I LOVE how your art has matured and developed so much depth.
-- Linda, 8/10/09

Wow Marnie, your work is so gorgeous, and prolific!! You are on fire woman!! miss you lots, love xxx
-- Isis Carter, 8/10/09

marnie - I hope this is you - I've been trying to find you for years - your god daughter is now a teenager (15) and raising hell - please contact me, I'd love to hear from you
-- Sue Koziczkowski, 7/15/09

I am truly inspired by your unique style. You are amazing artist. thanks Joanna Dye.
-- Joanna Dye, 12/22/08

-- Jordan Actkinson, 12/10/08

Wow Marnie. Both my husband, David, and I truly enjoyed viewing your beautiful art. The vibrant colors, many textures and meaning each of us took in them are inspiring, to say the least! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing peice of who you are with the world.
-- Gina Bendel, 11/29/08

Wow! You truly have talent! Beautiful pieces and colors!
-- Sam, 11/18/08

Marnie - these are incredible!
-- Clark House, 11/14/08

Hi Marnie - Wow! I was so amazed and delighted to see the work you're doing now. Your style has developed and changed - and matured - so much since I first met you. I love the cougar in the Beauty is Wild series. Keep up the fine work!
-- Linda Audrain, 11/14/08

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