Marvin Song
I talk to life and time through painting.


Facing the illusion of existence and emptiness, human beings have made many choices to face the world in front of them, all interpreting their existence in different ways. Where we come from and where we go is the ultimate problem everyone faces. In the face of limited existence and infinite illusion, I chose art and to establish the reality in front of my eyes through painting. As Rene Magritte said, "Reality is not the vague and simple things around me that are available at hand. The true reality, it can only be perceived at a specific time. This is what I want to pass through my painting. "I feel the same. Only when you focus on painting can you feel an instant fusion with the world. At this time I became part of the world, this is my existence, and painting is the proof of my true existence. I love painting and am deeply grateful for it.


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