Hordes Trollblood Village

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This is a set of 35(9"x9") panels of a winter themed Trollblood village for the game HORDES.  This set includes hundreds of details including the following: 3 removable tree stands, 3 unique buildings, (one of them is a lighthouse (with battery powered candlelights), a well, random trees, a throne, monoliths, magic portal,  fences, frozen pond, barrels and crates, a "turn counter" primitive huts, fire pits, broken colmns and much much more!  This set was built using a convient clip system of textured panels. (Available for sale @ Sabol Designs check them out in Bitz's Boneyard!) The client can change the "landscape" hundreds of different ways.  No two games will ever be the same!

Landscape and Details
Landscape and Details

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