Aquilla Gates

Aquilla Gates
Aquilla Gates

This is an enormous piece of terrain.  The table in front of the bridge is a 6 foot by 3 foot and 6 inch deep trench system.  There are a series of caverns on the two short sides.  I did alot of research on WWI trenches and built many of the features that were prominent on "The Western Front".  Including: sandbag parapets, ammo dump, heavy weapons pits, gates, command bunker and much more.

The "Bridge" is a 3 foot long "O scale" model that is wide enough to traverse an IG super heavy tank!  The Aquilla on the front tower was cut from an old GW figure case.

The" Aquila Gates" Had been designed to represent the shape of a HUGE aquila.  It has two eagle heads mounted on upside down train portals, the wings are GW castle walls and COD parts.  The parts list on this is extensive!  The back side is fully detailed "power plant and battlements.  The rear gate will lower to a series of elevated roadways leading to a dense ruined modular city and cathedral... Someday!

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