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Mark KertzmanNice! Especially love the landscapes but all are well done!
-- Mark Kertzman, 12/3/20

Absolutely stunning artwork! Each piece has elicits feelings of calmness.
-- Leslie Cobb, 10/3/20

Beautiful paintings
-- Denise Howard, 7/20/20

Beautiful!! Love it!
-- Gail, 6/29/20

Amazing painting of my beautiful summer sunset on the lake!!!! Love it, so talented!!!
-- Missie, 6/26/20

Love your gallery; great talent.
-- Trish Reed, 6/24/20

You are blessed with so much talent. Are you left handed? I have an older sister who is left handed and also an artist. I love your work!
-- Karen Allison , 6/17/20

Dear friend - I am so happy to be the proud owner of one of your paintings! You deserve all the accolades for your beautiful work!
-- Jennifer Dunn, 6/10/20

Love the art and the web page!
-- Marianne May, 6/10/20

Beautiful work. It's interesting to see your progress as you learn new techniques.
-- Richard Smith, 6/10/20

saw some of your work in a Sweetwater coffee shop. loved your landscapes.
-- Carolyn Elrod, 6/5/20

I absolutely love all your work. I am so glad that I found you to pick Frankee's pictureand even more thrilled to see it on your website.
-- Annmarie Hill, 5/22/20

Beautiful work Michele! Congratulations on your Best of Show award for our 2020 Flower Shoppe Exhibit at Vienna Coffee House.
-- Deede , 5/21/20

I’m so happy to see your wonderful artwork displayed so beautifully!
-- Coby, 5/13/20

Love your art
-- Judy Hannay , 5/12/20

Love your art
-- Judy Hannay , 5/12/20

Love your art
-- Judy Hannay , 5/12/20

Very nice work, especially the nature scenes.
-- Steve Croslin , 5/11/20

 Michele CroslinMaryville, TN8656034923