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Love your work. Thanks for sharing at the Greenwod Village Art Festival this past weekend. If you ever want to charge for online classes or live stream them I would be interested. I am in Boulder and would be interested.
-- Holly Krivjansky, 9/14/20

Hi Mitch, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your art creations. Visiting your webpage and pouring over your artwork is the highlight of any day. Thanks for being. Nancy
-- Nancy Avalon, 6/5/20

Hi Mitch! Hope all is well with you. The virus has just helped me to do more of what we do best - paint! I'm looking into creating a website for myself and wondered if you're happy with "zhibit". It looks good and is easy to navigate your website. Are you offering any classes online? Would love to talk sometime. Nancy
-- Nancy Avalon, 4/13/20

Mark KertzmanSo very in awe of your talent. Some put me in mind of Singer Sargent. I also use Zhibit but I came to this late in life and I wish I could do some of the things you do but I guess we all do the best we can with the abilities we have. Looking forward to seeing your work in the future.
-- Mark Kertzman, 11/14/19

Been some 25 yrs or more since I studied with you at DASL. Best experience that I have never forgotten.
-- David George, 2/25/18

hi mitch, lovely paintings & drawings, I didn't know you also make sculptures. let me know if anyone needs a 'realistic style caricature" thanks, George's friend with the dominoes david
-- David, 2/10/18

Mitch, sure glad to see you out there still turning out great art. I studied under you way back when at DSL.
-- David George, 7/22/17

Can I audit a class? Just one?
-- Dari Hayes, 2/25/17

I thought of you the other day and wondered how you are doing. I did some framing for you in the early 90's in my Boulder shop with our contact Freda Kanizay. It seems you are doing very well!!
-- Linda Elliott, 8/20/16

Exquisite work! And I had no idea about the courtroom experience--what a trip!! Mitch, you are truly a dedicated artist:)
-- Tanya Alexis Notkoff, 11/28/15

Hi Mitch, I signed up for your "Dancer in Motion" class and wanted to ask you where are we meeting tomorrow? At the front door? Would you please let me know when you see this message? You can reach me by the email that I left for this message. Thank you! Yan
-- Yan Z., 9/12/14

Great work!
-- Ruth Work, 9/6/14

Hlello Mitch: I loved your art at the Art Image Gallery last night. Great painting!
-- Ruth Work, 9/6/14

Your images are wonderful. Wish I lived in Co so I could take your life drawing class!!!
-- Sarah Sneeden, 12/13/13

Hi Mitch It's been a lot of years since we've seen each other back at KUSA. Don Brookins showed me your site on the internet and it just blew me away. Wonderful work. Do you have a gallery showing your paintings in the Denver area? I still have the going away card you made for me at Ch9. Great to see you're doing so well.
-- Chuck Richardson, 11/23/13

way awesome!
-- Pete And Paulette Fafalios, 7/7/13

Hi Mitch! I'm a 20 year old portrait artist. I have looked at your work and loved all of it! I was wondering if you have an recommendations for what I can do to further explore the figure. I work mainly in pastel and in portraiture. I have never done oil painting, but have done some full figure drawings and life drawing sessions. I'm sorry if my questions aren't very clear. I'm just trying to pursue art while trying to please my father (who is paying for my vet degree) who isn't very fond of art. Regardless of whether you have any advice I very much enjoy your work and hope to go to one of the galleries you are displayed in one day. Grace
-- Grace Germaine, 6/29/13

Mitch- I know you're a good teacher - but you are a wonderful artist -sorry it took so long to visit your site. See you in class! Andy
-- Andrea Mallen, 2/6/12

Hi Mitch, I went to high school with you and was in your art class with Maracek. Glad to see you having a successful career. I knew you were meant to be an artist from a young age. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life at age 53. Keep up the great work!
-- Tim Colen, 9/8/11

Hello dear old long lost friend!! Not sure if you remember me from RM school of art days.... I followed your career for years, then lost you.... I decided after re-framing San awesome charcoal drawing you gave me, I thought I'd try finding you!! It's no surprise to me what a magnificent painter you are, you were then and still now the very best!!! I'm honored to have known you and hope to own one of your current masterpieces!! God Bless you...... Always your friend, Kelli
-- Kelli ( Schneider ) Greenewald, 8/31/11