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Nancy Artists Statement
I paint scenes that I love to view and that spark an emotional reaction in me.

My intention is to give viewers of my art a sense of place and time as I strive to create artworks of visual harmony and beauty. It is my hope that my art will uplift the spirit and impart a sense of joy to anyone viewing it.

I prefer "Plein Air" painting--trying to capture the aesthetic of the landscape. Whether it is reflections in the water, the way the  light is striking a tree or the dappled light reflecting on the landscape. "Plein Air" painting has to be done quickly because of the rapidly changing light. 

"Plein Air" painting has many challenges, but it offers a unique and exhilarating experience that provides a wonderful vehicle for creating fresh spontaneous paintings from an endless source of subject matter. 

When the weather turns cold, I paint in my studio from my photos. I keep trying to capture the feelings I had while I was out studying the landscape. Painting is a building process requiring careful planning, energy, control, and spontaneity. For me the foundation of a good piece of art is an emotional connection between the viewer and myself. 

Nancy is also represented by Fine Art America.
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